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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Yahoo Answers: Singing tips from an expert to a novice

The response to the asker's question seems very comprehensive and succinct.

Note that Yahoo Answers has a whole section devoted to music and a subsection devoted to singing.
clipped from answers.yahoo.com
Anybody got any singing tips?
im looking for some tiips on singing. i know the basics but i need some help on using my 'chest or stomach' voice because i always sing from my nose apparently

It is possibe to sing nasally in any vocal register. Using the chest voice will not necessarily get rid of the nasal sound. This is a resonance issue that can be fixed, but I have some explaining to do before I can get to that.

Glad you know the 'basics', but I don't really know what you mean by basics so I'm putting it all down. You can just skim over what you already know.

Singing is cummulative--all parts effect all other parts. In other words you resonace can be thrown off if you aren't using proper posture or breath support, or vocal instrument placement.

Before singing one should make it habit to stretch all of the body to release tension and to warm up the vocal instrument. Any tension can and will cause vocal strain and eventually damage.
Nothing should be stiff. Loosen up.
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