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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Stars in their Eyes (NZ) - Request for applications

I think I can.... I know I can!
clipped from tvnz.co.nz
Stars in Their Eyes Applications open

Would you like to be part of this hit show! Can you sing and
look like your favourite star? Whether you're a complete
amateur, keen on the Karaoke or a professional singer we'd love to
hear from you.*

We're looking for contestants aged 18+ to appear on this TV
ONE primetime entertainment extravaganza.

You'll be given coaching on voice technique, timing, style,
stage presence - everything it takes to become your Star!

Register to become part of this great competition to be
named best in the land.
To enter print off the application
, include a DVD or VHS of your performance and send it
Simon Barnett
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  1. Im confused. Is it too late to apply for stars in your eyes? or can you still send one away?
    please email me at pinkbudgie@hotmail.com

  2. Hi PinkBudgie,

    I was also confused about the closing date for entries (there was no closing date on the original TVNZ posting I Clipmarked, as I recall. I) have just returned from an internet-free holiday, so missed responding more promptly to your comment. My apologies.

    Entries have now closed, according to the TVNZ site today, 16 February. However, you can join the the live audience. See my posting of 16 February, which links to the TVNZ site.

    I missed sending in my audition video, too. Perhaps I'll join the live audience ... and start preparing some audition pieces within the next three months ... for whatever other opportunities arise.

    Best wishes