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Monday, December 29, 2008

The Mynstrel announces his blog

It's summer new year recreation time here in Auckland, New Zealand. I spent the morning on 'trainer wheels' learning to sing Samuel BARBER's 'Sure on this shining night'. It's a beautiful melody, based on a poem by James AGEE.

This afternoon, I completed research to determine which blog tool to use. I have been using iWeb (part of Apple iLife) for several blogs. However, I wanted a blog to which I could send clippings directly from Clipmarks. That left me with the choice of WordPress and Blogger. I chose Blogger as simple to use, and accessible from any computer.

I mentioned 'trainer wheels'. Since I began the current project two days ago I have learned the words of the poem by memory. I have researched the context for the poem. I have an accompaniment track. And I have the full music scanned into Smartscore. So I can rehearse in a lower key than my final perfoprmance key. Now my challenge is to match up all the elemnets: the words, the rhythm, and pitch. Later will come interpretation. Tomorrow I'll post a recording of my progress so far.

In future blog entries, I'll discuss the technologies I use as a singer to learn and perform my songs. I'll also present progress on my career as a singer such as my recent participation in the NZ Aria Competition. The photo shows my first professional engagement as a choral singer in Llandaff Cathedral Parish Choir, under Harry JOYCE, around 1962 - 1966.

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