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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Martin Guerre - A Musical Journey 1/8

Tomorrow is my first rehearsal with my music director and accompanist for my forthcoming performance of "I'm Martin Guerre" at the Arc in the Park concert.

Today I've been refreshing my memory of the song from my performance in the NZ Aria competition last year, culminating in a rehearsal with my singing teacher.

Just before I go to bed, I've been transposing the music from the original key of B flat minor to G minor using Smartscore - to drop the pitch five semitones. I've also enjoyed seeing the multitude of performances of the song on YouTube - from amateur efforts, to the the scintillating performances of several professional productions.

Now, I am starting to follow my curiosity about the production of the first London show. This video (from a series of eight), introduces the composer and writer as they began to conceive the project. The video concludes with the first rehearsal of the orchestra with the chorus and soloists - a SitProb.

Music entrepreneur Cameron Macintosh notes how Boublil and Schonberg have endowed us with a legacy of fusing the modern musical with opera. I totally agree.

What excitement! I look forward to viewing the remaining episodes in the series.

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