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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"Martin Guerre (Reprise)" and "Imposters" from MARTIN GUERRE

I'm reworking my performance of "I'm Martin Guerre" for a performance with "Show West" for the Arc in the Park concert on Friday 12 June.
Boublil and Schoenberg

I deliberately avoided listening to a performance prior to developing my own performance last year. Now I have heard an original production - presented hear from YouTube.

What a fantastic, powerful piece of music! It embraces rejection, love, mistaken identity, jealousy, and religious war... all based on a true story from late 16th century France.

There's a French movie, and a US adaptation of the story, too. The US version is set during the US Civil war, whilst the original French version is based around the religious wars between the French Catholics, and the Hugenout Protestants. Given my Hugenout heritage - we arrived in England from France in 1624 - I'm rather taken by this story.

I learned the song "I'm Martin Guerre" in June last year as part of a project to develop my whakapapa and mihi for a course in Iwi Environmental Management I studied last year at Te Wananga a Aotearoa. I perfmed the song at the NZ Aria Competition, in October 2008.

I'd LOVE to perform this show ... wherever/whenever in the WORLD!

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