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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Der Lindenbaum (Franz SCHUBERT)

A first slightly public performance of this song to the Auckland Lieder Group.

Sure on this shining night (Samuel BARBER)

Performed by Peter MELLALIEU with Diane HARVEY (Piano). Auckland Lieder Group, 1 March 2009.

My first slightly public performance of this music.

Rather better line and tone than my early January first recording?

Not the best video quality. I apologise. It was recorded onto the memory stick. Having the piano light does not help.

Composer: Samuel BARBER. Text: James AGEE.

Monday, March 2, 2009

A summer medley at the Auckland Lieder Group

The Auckland Lieder Group began its monthly programme of 'Schubertiade' on St David's Day: 1 March. Each month, members and friends perform two songs linked to a monthly theme host at members' homes throughout the Auckland region.

My accompanist Diane Harvey presented her usual extraordinary feat of both singing and accompanying herself with some rare songs: Gordon McBeth's "All on a summer's day" and Clara Edwards' "By the bend of a river". Diane is an extraordinarily accomplished pianist, and teaches piano and singing in schools, and on a private basis, based from her home in Glen Eden, Waitakere, phone 09 813 6929

The Lieder Group programmes are an excellent opportunity to present 'works in progress' before a constructive and appreciative audience. The group emerged from a series of Lieder masterclassess at Auckland University many years ago. Each programme incorporates a theme. Themes coming up in future months include:
  • Occupations (29 March 2009) - I might present myself as Professor Henry Higgins singing "Why can't the English learn to speak". Not quite lieder, but it's a song I'm commited to perform at a future competition!
  • Vaughan Williams (26 April 2009) - I need to polish up "In Dreams" and begin learning "The roadside fire". These are my competition entries in the North Shore Performing Arts Competition www.northshorepacs.org.nz
  • In a Persian garden (26 July)
  • ... and so forth, on a monthly basis through November.
For yesterday evening's concert, I sang "Der Lindenbaum" (Schubert), and Samuel Barber's "Sure on this Shining Night". Both my debut performances in a public place and with a live accompanist, rather than Smartscore! The Barber is much, much improved on my first recording that I posted on this Blog a month earlier. Better "line" I hope you'll agree, as that has been a major effort of my vocal lessons in response to competition feedback last year.

I'll upload a video later.

Further information about the Auckland Lieder Group
  • President: Bryony Jagger: 09 630 7183 (and organiser for 'In a Persian Garden' theme, 26 July)
  • Secretary: Claire Geddes: 09 817 6668 (and organiser for Brahms theme, 27 September
  • Treasurer: Hilary Nobes 09 846 3433 (and organiser for 'Occupations' theme, 29 March.